November 25, 2014
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Pines, junipers, aspens, antelope, deer, jackrabbits, bunnies, javalina and other wildlife, mountains and hills, creeks and streams, horses, cattle, ranches, rural communities, blue skies, wide open spaces, amazing sunrises, spectacular sunsets, peace and quiet, beauty, hiking, horseback riding, access to unlimited off-road recreation, cycling, nearby lakes for kayaking, fishing, friendly people, country living at its best!  What more could you ask for than beautiful, rural, incredible Williamson Valley.
Committed to preserving the lifestyle & spirit of Williamson Valley   

WVCO Inc. is a community based volunteer organization with the mission to preserve our scenic, rural, residential life style. To learn more about us and our mission go to the About Us page. If you want to know more about the history of WVCO and its predecessor organizations check out the History page.

An important element of WVCO’s mission is to bring information about issues of interest to the Williamson Valley community. Current news can be found on the Williamson Valley News page and more specific information about water issues, transportation projects, real estate sales and recreation opportunities on those pages. We send a newsletter periodically with news on these subjects and more to our members. Please join WVCO [Join WVCO] and ask your neighbors to join as well.

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by Georgene Lockwood, Williamson Valley CERT Coordinator and
Eric Lash, Yavapai County CERT Coordinator
Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 6:30 pm
Fire Station No. 57 on Outer Loop Road & Williamson Valley Road
Please bring your own chair, there are no chairs available at the fire station.
An incredible learning opportunity...Georgene and Eric will provide an introduction to CERT, how it benefits the community and why some might want to take the training class provided by CERT.
Following a major disaster, first responders who provide fire and medical services will not be able to meet the demand for these services. Factors such as number of victims, communication failures, and road blockages might prevent people from accessing emergency services they have come to expect at a moment's notice through 911. People will have to rely on each other for help in order to meet their immediate life saving and life sustaining needs.



Board of Directors
WVCO Board and Advisory Board, July 30,2013. Front Row-Sandi Brown, Cori Gunnells, Chris Stoner, Virginia Dubroy, Ken Mino, Neil Cooperrider. Back row, Curt Weaver, Jimmy Stoner, Richard Clemmer, Ken Janecek.
Not pictured: Advisory Board members Karen Austermiller, Dave Hollenbeck, ViciLee Jacobs, Diane McKelvey, Tommy Meredith 


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